Winter 2010, Volume 7, Number W10

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Table of Contents


Linear transformations of Gaussian processes PDF
M. Erraoui, Y. Ouknine 1-8
Constructing differential quasi-interpolants on uniform partitions. An approach based on the Bernstein-Bezier representation PDF
A. Abbadi, D. Barrera, M. J. Ibanez, D. Sbibih 9-16
A method for solving Hamiltonian eigenvalue problem PDF
A. H. Bentbib, A. Kanber 17-23
Combined Mixed Hybrid Finite Element and Finite Volume Method for Flow in Porous Media PDF
A. Elakkad, N. Guessous, A. Elkhalfi 24-31
Stochastic Approximation Approach to Image Registration PDF
Waleed Mohamed, A. Ben Hamza 32-39
Study of a Family of Lie Algebra over Z/3Z PDF
J. Nunez, A. M. Pacheco, M. T. Villar 40-45
Riesz basis approach and exponential stabilization of a nonhomogeneous flexible beam with a tip mass PDF
My Driss Aouragh, Naji Yebari 46-53
Peculiar functions built with the aid of the Cantor’s function PDF
Enrique de Amo, Juan Fernández Sánchez 54-59
Perturbation of measure and orthogonal matrix polynomials PDF
Hossain O. Yakhlef 60-66
Eigenvalues for the Steklov Problem PDF
A. Anane, O. Chakrone, B. Karim, A. Zerouali 67-72
Real World Pricing for Forward Contracts PDF
M’hamed Eddahbi, Yassine El Qalli 73-80
Spectral and k-Spectral theory of k-idempotent matrices PDF
S. Krishnamoorthy, T. Rajagopalan 81-85