Autumn 2007, Volume 1, Number A07

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Table of Contents


A Hilbert space proof of equivalence of the Granger and Sims notions of causality PDF
Umberto Triacca 1-5
Univariate 3-channel Wavelet Filter Banks from Centrally PDF
Junqiao You, Qiuhui Chen, Yi Wang 6-15
On Minkowski and Hardy Integral Inequalities for Generalized Shift Operator PDF
Huseyin YILDIRIM 16-22
On the inner curvature of the second fundamental form of PDF
Ayse Altin 23-30
Splitting operator for solving the neutron transport PDF
Abdelkader TIZAOUI 31-45
Simulation of EW Wave Generation via Quadratic B-spline Finite Element Method PDF
Idris DAG, Dursun IRK, Ahmet BOZ 46-59
Constructing the Euler-Maclaurin Formula (Celebrating Euler's 300th birthday) PDF
Vito Lampret 60-85
Numerical Solution of the Modified Burgers Equation by the Quintic B-spline Galerkin Finite Element Method PDF
Bulent SAKA, Idris DAG, Dursun IRK 86-98