2018, Volume 18, Issue Number 4

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Table of Contents


3D Face Expression Recognition via Geometry A Preparatory Path PDF
E. Vezzetti, F. Marcolin, S. Tornincasa, F. Baldassarre, D. Buisán Vicente 1-40
Automated Recognition of Malignant Melanoma in Dermoscopic Images PDF
Asmae ENNAJI, Abdelouahed SABRI, Abdellah AARAB 41-48
Image De-fencing Using Wavelet Based Inpainting Technique PDF
M. Varalakshmamma, T. Venkateswarlu 49-63
Automated Checker Board Orientation Detection for Camera Calibration PDF
Wira Hidayat bin Mohd Saad, Norliana binti Azhar, Ameer Farhan bin Roslan, Saiful Anuar bin Abd. Karim, Nurulfajar bin Abd Mana, Norhashimah binti Mohd Saad 64-72
Reduced reference image quality assessment based on tetrolet statistics PDF
Abdelkaher Ait Abdelouahad, Mohammed El Hassouni, Hocine Cherifi 73-93
On the application of Cellular Logic Array Processing and Background Subtraction Methods for the Improved Object Detection in Video Surveillance using Local Neighborhood Difference PDF
Surender Singh, Ajay Prasad, Kingshuk Srivastava, Suman Bhattacharya 94-104
Traffic sign recognition based on multi-feature fusion and ELM classifier PDF
Saouli Aziz, El Aroussi Mohamed, Fakhri Youssef 105-118
Speckle Noise Reduction And Quality Enhancement of Images Using Different Filters PDF
TIFOUTI Issam, MOUSSAOUI Abdelkrim, GHADJATI Mohamed 119-154
An Edge-preserving Adaptive Image Denoising using Discrete Wavelet Transform PDF
Ram Paul, Singara Singh Kasana, Rajesh Kumar Gupta 155-164
Image Matching Based on Dual and Graph Transformation Matching PDF
Z.l Hossein-Nejad, N. Parhizgar 165-174
Threshold-Based Fuzzy C-Means on Closed-Form Solution For Alpha Matting PDF
R. Suko Basuki, C. Paramita, A. Yusriana 175-185
Orientation Independent Shape Detection using Tangential XOR Residue Method for Machine Vision PDF
Natarajan Somasundaram, N. Ramadass, Y.V. Ramana Rao 186-192
The use of bispectrum in testing Gaussianity and linearity for texture image projections PDF
Salwa LAGDALI, Mohammed RZIZA 193-202
Image Processing for Leaf Recognition Using Neural Network Algorithm PDF
Hashem Bagheronezhad, Faramarz Sadeghi 203-215