2018, Volume 18, Issue Number 2

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Table of Contents


Catenary detection based on segment concatenation PDF
Alexander Cerón, Ivan Mondragón, Flavio Prieto 1-12
Biometric Feature Extraction and Encoding for Face-Voice Association Learning using Spiking Neural Network PDF
Nooraini Yusoff, Mohammed Fadhil-Ibrahim, Husniz Husni, Azizi Ab Aziz 13-25
Visual Tracking via the Conventional Disc-Harmonic Moment Invariants and the Bayesian Inference Framework PDF
Driss Moujahid, Omar Elharrouss, Hamid Tairi 26-37
CBIR based on Weighted Multi-feature Voting Technique PDF
Walaa E. Elhady, Abdelwahab K. ALSammak, Shady Y. El-Mashad 38-52
Two-level Gene selection to predict tumors PDF
T. R. Vijaya Lakshmi 53-63
Object detection in images from the perspective of the active perception theory PDF
Andrey A. Filyakov, Vasily E. Gai, Alla A. Koshurina, Maxim S. Krasheninnikov, Maxim O. Derbasov, Igor V. Polyakov, Dmitry I. Zhurba 64-73
Document Image Binarization Based on Combination of Global and Local Thresholding Methods PDF
M. Nasri, Z. Hossein-Nejad, P. Hosseini-Zahmatkesh 74-87
Epileptic Seizures Classification Using Burg Coefficients Based on Sparse Autoencoder and SVM Classifier PDF
S. Belhadj, A. Attia, Z. Ahmed-Foitih, A. Taleb Ahmed 88-100
Evaluation of 2D descriptors for 3D reconstruction of electrical infrastructure PDF
Johan M. Agudelo, Alexander Ceron, Flavio Prieto 101-115