2018, Volume 18, Issue Number 1

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Table of Contents


The Exploration of Autonomous Mobile Robot Movement Characteristics in Difficult Off-road Conditions of a Coastal Zone PDF
Dmitry Yu. Tyugin, Andrey A. Kurkin, Vitaliy D. Kuzin, Denis V. Zeziulin, Vladimir S. Makarov, Roman V. Shamin 1-17
Colour Image Steganography Using SHA-512 and Lossless Compression PDF
Ke-Huey Ng, Siau-Chuin Liew, Ferda Ernawan 18-36
Adaptive Template Matching Model for Object Tracking in Catadioptric System PDF
Anisse KHALD, Amina RADGUI, Mohammed RZIZA 37-44
Robust Visual Tracking Control of Pan-tilt -Stereo Camera System PDF
Chung Le Van 45-61
An Efficient Image Segmentation Method Based on Linear Discriminant Analysis and K-means Algorithm with Automatically Splitting and Merging Clusters PDF
Shisir Mia, Mohammad Motiur Rahman 62-72
A Biometric Solution of Education Environment Using Face Recognition System PDF
A. Dahmouni, K. El Moutaouakil, K. Satori 73-84
Use of Fractional Domain for Speech Enhancement PDF
R. Ram, M. N. Mohanty 85-93
Moving Vehicle Detection Using AdaBoost and Haar-Like Feature in Surveillance Videos PDF
Mohammad Mahdi Moghimi, Maryam Nayeri, Majid Pourahmadi, Mohammad Kazem Moghimi 94-106