2017, Volume 17, Issue Number 4

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Table of Contents


Receiver Operating Characteristic for Pollen Sacs Measurement from Honey Bees’ Monitoring Video PDF
C. Yang, J. Collins, M. Beckerleg 1-14
Numerical Analysis of the Explicit Group Iterative Method for Solving Poisson Image Blending Problem PDF
Eng Jeng Hong, Azali Saudi, Jumat Sulaiman 15-24
Elaboration of a Hybrid Method for the Enhancement of Buildings Reconstruction in Multispectral Images PDF
BENALI Abdelali, Zoubir AHMED FOITIH 25-37
Design of RPL Based Routing Protocol for Indoor Disaster Communication PDF
Gang-Hee Jung, Yoon-Young Park, Jae-Sung JChoi, Se-Yeob Kim, Young-Wook Cho 38-45
A Sit-To-Stand Device for Assisting “Normal-Like” Movements PDF
Pierluigi Rea, Erika Ottaviano, Gianni Castelli 46-56
Development of System Interlocking Method and Total System using Parsed Information of IPCC PDF
Tae-Sung Lim, Koo-Rack Park, Han-Jin Cho 57-64
Mammography diagnostic using recognition system based on closed loop fuzzy logic controller PDF
A. El boufrahi, A. El moutaouakil, F. I. Khamlichi, M. El maghri 65-72
Speckle Noise Reduction for 3-D Ultrasound Images by Optimum Threshold Parameter Estimation of Wavelet Coefficients Using Fisher Discriminant Analysis PDF
Rafid Mostafiz, Mohammad Motiur Rahman, Mithun Kumar PK, MD. Ashraful Islam 73-88
Fast Exposure Fusion Based on Regression Analysis PDF
Mohammed El Amine Moumene, Rachid Nourin 89-96
A Study of Design Automation of ICT Convergence Smart Factory - Center of Switchboard PDF
Tae-Ho Lee, Ho-Young Hwang, Jung-Wan Hong 97-104