2017, Volume 17, Issue Number 3

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Table of Contents


A New Face Decomposition for Face Detection using SVM Classifier PDF
B. Nassih, A. Amine, M. Ngadi, S. Tayb, N. Hmina 1-15
Improvement of Image Compression Approach Using the Human Visual System PDF
M. Rahali, H. Loukil, M. S. Bouhlel 16-30
An Analysis of the Surveillance Image Monitoring System Using Multi-Image Stitching PDF
Jeong-Tak Ryu, Donghwoon Kwon 31-40
A Data Hiding Scheme Based on the Haar Discrete Wavelet Transform and the K-LSB PDF
Y. Taouil, E. B. Ameur, A. Benhfid, R. Harba, R. Jennane 41-53
Clustering Kmeans with Evolutionary Strategies PDF
Ahmad EL ALLAOUI 54-65
Image Transaction Encryption Based on a Dynamic Upswing of Hill Cipher and JPEG Compression PDF
Faiq GMIRA, Said HRAOUI, Wafae SABBAR, Abderrahmane JARRAR OULIDI 66-76
Application of Harmonic Functions through Modified SOR (MSOR) Method for Robot Path Planning in Indoor Structured Environment PDF
Azali Saudi, Jumat Sulaiman 77-90
Development of a High-Pressured Oil Injection System for Surface Roughness Reduction PDF
Byung Hyun Moon, Jeong Tak Ryu 91-97
The Relevant CNNs Features Based HMM for Arabic Handwriting Recognition PDF
M. Amrouch, M. Rabi 98-109
3D Shape Recognition using Sparse Representation Errors of Local Descriptors PDF
H. Kanaan, A. Behrad 110-127
A Predictive Model Approach to Distinguish between the Benign and Malignant cases in Breast Cancer PDF
Shivani Bali, Amarnath Jena, S.B. Mehta, D.K. Banwet 128-135