2016, Volume 16, Issue Number 3

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Table of Contents


Sampling CIELAB color space with perceptual metrics PDF
Philippe Colantoni, Jean-Baptiste Thomas, Alain Trémeau 1-22
Cellular Automata - Chinese Remainder Theorem Based Image Encryption Compression Scheme PDF
Bala Suyambu Jeyaram, Rama Raghavan, Junzo Watada 23-38
An Efficient Feature Point Registration Method for Retinal Images PDF
F. Meskine, N. Taleb 39-50
Sound Identification Model in Terms of the Active Perception Theory PDF
Vasiliy E. Gai, Igor V. Polyakov 51-63
Detection of Facial Feature Points Using an Autoumatic Method PDF
N. Drif, Z. Ameur 64-70
Automated Complex Activity Recognition in Multiple Person Interaction PDF
J. Arunnehru, M. Kalaiselvi Geetha 71-85
Modelling the Contour of the Human Retina by Fractal Interpolation PDF
G. Hichem, J. Malek, H. Belmabrouk 86-96
Similarity Search in a Large Scale PDF
S. Benkrama, L. Zaoui 97-113
3D shape retrieval in distributed databases PDF
Mohammed Benjelloun, El Wardani Dadi, El Mostafa Daoudi 114-123
Watermarking for Improving the Reduction-Expansion Process of Medical Images (WREPro) PDF
H. Amri, A. Khalfallah, J-C. Lapayre, M-S. Bouhlel 124-139