2016, Volume 16, Issue Number 1

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Table of Contents


Decomposition of Images into Additive Components PDF
E.G. Zhilyakov, I.S. Konstantinov, A.A. Chernomorets 1-8
Man-Machine Interaction: Hand Gesture Recognition and Mimicking with a Robotic Hand PDF
Gabriele Zereik, Andrea Sorbara, Enrica Zereik 9-31
Design of Skid-Steer Mobile Robot with Single Landmark based Localization Using Visual Control System PDF
S. Rakesh Kumar, K. Ramkumar 32-42
Color Based Omnidirectional Target Tracking PDF
Z. El Kadmiri, O. El Kadmiri, S. El Joumani, Z. Kaddouri, L. Masmoudi 43-50
Reconstruction of Periodic Binary Matrices from its Projections by Simulated Annealing Method PDF
Divyesh Patel, Tanuja Srivastava 51-63
Important approach to vanishing points detection based on simple image geometry and new accumulation space PDF
A. Annich, A.EL Abderrahmani, K. Satori 64-81
MRI Images multi-level Thresholding Based on PSO: Real-Time Hardware Implementation PDF
F. Hamdaoui, A. Sakly, A. Mtibaa 82-90
Neural Network Based Rotation, Scale and Font Invariant English character Recognition System PDF
Sheifali Gupta, Nitin Khosla 91-100
Computational Cost of Learning Vector Quantization Algorithm for Malaria Parasite Classification in Realtime Test PDF
Iis Hamsir Ayub Wahab, Adhi Susanto, P. Insap Santosa, Maesadji Tjokronegoro 101-107
Position Inverse Kinematics and Robust Internal-loop Compensator-based Control of a New Quadrotor Manipulation System PDF
Ahmed Khalifa, Mohamed Fanni 108-127
Character segmentation of Assamese printed and handwritten words using classifier-based sliding window technique PDF
Amlan Jyoti Basumatari 128-139