2014, Volume 14, Issue Number 3

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Table of Contents


An approach for UAV reconnaissance mission planning problem under uncertain environment PDF
Jiansheng Guo, Zutong Wang, Mingfa Zheng, Ying Wang 1-15
Hybrid Approach for Segmentation of Tissues in MR Brain Images using Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System PDF
D. Selvathi, R. Dhivya 16-27
Classification of Images by Cellular Automata in Medical Basis of Mammography PDF
S. Benmazou, S. Layachi, H. F. Merouani 28-34
Dynamic Indian Sign Language Character Recognition: Using HOG Descriptor and a Customized Neural Network PDF
M. Niranjan, J. Ajtih, S. Padmavathi 35-46
Performance of Most Common Thresholding Techniques over a Generic Structured Document Classifier PDF
Hamam Mokayed, Azlinah Hj. Mohamed 47-63
A Navigation Assistant for the Visually Impaired by Means of Robust and Streamlined Object Recognition PDF
V. Kosaraju, R. Jain 64-78
Volleyball Robot Simulation Model of the System Crash PDF
Bing Zhang, Zhengkai Shi 79-85
A novel approach for Postal address block and Pincode segmentation PDF
R. Radha, R.R. Aparna 86-96
Design and Comparison of Calibration Algorithms of a Heterogeneous 3D Acquisition System Composed by Time-of-Flight and Colour Cameras PDF
A. El-Attar, H. Tairi, A. Tremeau, M. Karim 97-111
Real Time 2D to 3D Image Conversion using Special Filter PDF
N.R. Raajan, M. Malini Deepika 112-120