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2011 Autumn (October), Volume 7, Number A11 An Efficient Algorithm for Feedforward Neural Network Reconstructing and Its Application Abstract
Honggui Han, Junfei Qiao
2012 Spring (March), Volume 8, Number S12 An Efficient Optimization Algorithm for Structural Software Testing Abstract
Praveen Ranjan Srivastava, Monica Chis, Suash Deb, Xin-She Yang
2014 Spring (March), Volume 12, Number 1 An Intelligent Scheme for Concurrent Multi-Issue Negotiations Abstract
Kakia Panagidi, Kostas Kolomvatsos, Stathes Hadjiefthymiades
2012 Autumn (October), Volume 9, Number A12 Analysing Events and Anomalies in Indoor Air Quality Using Self-Organizing Maps Abstract
Jukka-Pekka Skön, Markus Johansson, Mika Raatikainen, Ulla Haverinen-Shaughnessy, Pertti Pasanen, Kauko Leiviskä, Mikko Kolehmainen
2013 Spring (March), Volume 10, Number S13 ANFIS – Hybrid Reference Control for Improving Transient Response of Controlled Systems Using PID Controller Abstract
Endra Joelianto, Deddy Candra Anura, Muhammad Pratikto Priyanto
2011 Autumn (October), Volume 7, Number A11 Ant n-Queen Solver Abstract
Salabat Khan, Mohsin Bilal, Muhammad Sharif, Rauf Baig
2009 Spring, Volume 2, Number S09 Application Of Affinity Propagation for Prototype Sample Detection, with Application to Face Recognition Abstract
Ganesh Bhat, K.K. Achary
2011 Autumn (October), Volume 7, Number A11 Application of KIII Model to EEG Classification Based on Nonlinear Dynamic Methods Abstract
Jin Zhang, Ying Wang, Rulong Wang
2012 Spring (March), Volume 8, Number S12 Applying Balancing Techniques to Classify Biomedical Documents: An Empirical Study Abstract
Rubén Romero González, Eva Lorenzo Iglesias, Lourdes Borrajo Diz
2009 Spring, Volume 2, Number S09 Approximation of a Signal Using Discrete Wavelets Transform Abstract
Archit Yajnik, S. Rama Mohan
2010 Spring (Special Issue), Volume 4, Number S10 Argumentation and Artifacts for Negotiation Support Abstract
Enrico Oliva, Peter McBurney, Andrea Omicini, Mirko Viroli
2012 Autumn (October), Volume 9, Number A12 Artificial Neural Networks for Improved Predictions in Flow Eestimation Abstract
Apostolos Vassileiou, Fotios Maris, Kyriaki Kitikidou, Panagiotis Angelidis
2017 Spring (March), Volume 15, Number 1 Assessment of the Performance of Neural Networks Models for the Prediction of Surface Roughness After Grinding of Steels Abstract
Nikolaos E. Karkalos, János Kundrák, Angelos P. Markopoulos
2011 Autumn (October), Volume 7, Number A11 Auto color calibration algorithm using neural networks and its application to RoboCup robot vision Abstract
Yasunori Takemura, Kazuo Ishii
2010 Autumn, Volume 5, Number A10 AXLLAY, A Methodology to Develop a Task Planner for a FMC using Heuristic Search Abstract
Camilo Arturo Lagos-Moraa, Jose Tomas Buitrago-Molinab, Ricardo Timaran-Pereirac
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