2023, Volume 21, Number 1

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Table of Contents


Knowledge Diffusion Analysis as an Evolutionary Advantage in a 2D Grid Virtual Environment PDF
Laura Romero, Juan Sánchez, Joshua Triana 1-26
Adversarial Examples in Processing of High-Tech Imaging Using DNN PDF
A. Vatian, N. Gusarova, I. Tomilov, A. Shalyto 27-54
Whale Optimization Algorithm Guided by Complex Networks PDF
Joshua Triana, Carlos Delgado, Karen L. Martínez-Mendoza 55-66
LogNS-RPL: RPL-based secure routing protocol using Log-normal shadowing statistical model PDF
Karen Avila, Daladier Jabba, Javier Gomez, Oscar Arana, Dylan Cantillo, Paul Sanmartin 67-89
Adaptive Learning Algorithm for Bayesian Networks Based on Kernel Mixtures Distributions PDF
Irina Deeva, Anna V. Kalyuzhnaya, Alexander V. Boukhanovsky 90-108
Decision Tree as a screening tool for the diagnosis of the Metabolic Syndrome without doing a blood test PDF
Mauricio Barrios, Miguel Jimeno, Edgar Navarro, Pedro Villalba, Yamid Hernandez 109-131
Intelligent Recommender System with Online Generation of Model-Based Initial Interviews for Poi Recommendations PDF
Valery Volokha, Ivan Derevitskii, Klavdiya Bochenina 132-153
RTLA-HAR: A model proposal based on Reinforcement and Transfer Learning for the Adaptation of learning in Human Activity Recognition. PDF
Paola Patricia Ariza-Colpas, Ana Isabel Oviedo-Carrascal, Shariq Aziz Butt, Marlon Alberto Piñeres-Melo 154-175