2016 Autumn (October), Volume 14, Number 2

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Table of Contents


Intelligent Calendar Applications: A Holistic Framework based on Ontologies PDF
Konstantinos Agnantis, Anastasios Alexiadis, Ioannins Refanidis 1-22
Multi-Objective Differential Evolution Algorithm with a New Improved Mutation Strategy PDF
Mostafa Z. Ali, Noor H. Awad, Rehab M. Duwairi 23-41
MOTION-AE: an Intelligent Mobile Application for Aerobic Endurance Training PDF
Adrian Patrascu, Adrian Ungureanu, Monica Patrascu, Monica Dragoicea, Iacob Hantiu 42-59
Polynomial Realization of ORD-Horn Constraints PDF
Nouhad Amaneddine, Khalil Challita 60-69
A Case Study of Collaborative Ontology Development for Higher Education PDF
Mihaela Oprea 70-97
Improving the Performance of Hybrid Planning PDF
Mohamed Elkawkagy 98-116
Querying, Modifying and Processing of RuleML Knowledge Bases PDF
Mirel Cosulschi, Adrian Giurca, Mihai Gabroveanu 117-136
A Combined Ant Colony Optimization and Simulated Annealing Algorithm to Assess Stability and Fault-Proneness of Classes Based on Internal Software Quality Attributes PDF
Danielle Azar, Karl Fayad, Charbel Daoud 137-156
A Cloud Based Knowledge Structure Update and Machine Learning Framework for Heterogeneous Multi-Agent Systems PDF
Egons Lavendelis 157-170