2015 Spring (March), Volume 13, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Part A: Regular Issue

Design and Implementation of Knowledge Sharing System using Smart Devices PDF
Kinam Park, Heuiseok Lim 1-7
AI-Based Methods for Predicting Required Insulin Doses for Diabetic Patients PDF
Danielle Azar, Mandy Bitar 8-24

Part B: Special Issue-1

Editorial on Special Issue on Artificial Intelligence and Distributed Systems PDF
Sara Rodríguez, Juan F. De Paz, Javier Bajo, Fernando de la Prieta, Juan M. Corchado 25-27
Human-Agent Societies: Challenges and Issues PDF
Holger Billhardt, Vicente Julián, Juan Manuel Corchado, Alberto Fernández 28-44
Using Satisfaction Analysis to Predict Decision Quality PDF
João Carneiro, Goreti Marreiros, Paulo Novais 45-57
Specialization: A New Way to Improve Intelligent Systems PDF
Jesús A. Román, Sara Rodríguez, Juan M. Corchado, Carlos Carrascosa, Sascha Ossowski 58-73
Pollen Allergies Prediction through Historical Data in Mobile Devices PDF
Daniel H. De la Iglesia, Juan F. De Paz, Gabriel Villarubia, Ana de Luis, Sigeru Omatu 74-80
Improving Human-Agent Immersion using Natural Interfaces and CBR PDF
Angel Sanchis, Vicente Julián, Juan M. Corchado, Holger Billhardt, Carlos Carrascosa 81-93
Speculative Orientation and Tracking System PDF
João Ramos, Paulo Novais, Ken Satoh, Tiago Oliveira, José Neves 94-119

Part C: Special Issue-2

Editorial for Special Issue on Methods of Optimisation and their Applications PDF
David Gao, Oleg Khamisov, Denis Sidorov 120-122
Recovering Images, Registered by Device with Inexact Point-Spread Function, Using Tikhonov’s Regularized Least Squares Method PDF
Vladimir Erokhin, Vladimir Volkov 123-134
Integer Partition Problem: Theoretical Approach to Improving Accuracy of Classifier Ensembles PDF
Michael Khachay, Maria Pobery, Daniel Khachay 135-146
A Hybrid Local Search for the Split Delivery Vehicle Routing Problem PDF
Alexey Khmelev, Yury Kochetov 147-164
Heuristics for the Design of Reliable Networks with k-Tree Topology PDF
Roman E. Shangin, Panos M. Pardalos, Anatoly V. Panyukov 165-183
Further Development of the New Version of a Posteriori Choosing Regularization Parameter in Ill-Posed Problems PDF
Valery S. Sizikov 184-199
On Mathematical Models for Optimization Problem of Logistics Infrastructure PDF
Alexander L. Kazakov, Anna A. Lempert 200-210
Random Forest Based Model for Preventing Large-Scale Emergencies in Power Systems PDF
Nikita Tomin, Aleksei Zhukov, Denis Sidorov, Viktor Kurbatsky, Daniil Panasetsky, Vadim Spiryaev 211-228
A Computational Comparison of the p-Median Clustering and k-Means PDF
Anton V. Ushakov, Igor L. Vasilyev, Tatyana V. Gruzdev 229-242