2017, Volume 18, Issue Number: 3

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Table of Contents


Optimal consumption and Investment with Lévy Processes for power utility functions PDF
Forecasting Time Series Using EMD-HW Bagging PDF
Ahmad M. Awajan, Mohd Tahir Ismail, S. AL Wadi 9-21
VAR Analysis for SEMDEX Market Index: Fat Tails and Conditional Asymmetries in Return Innovations PDF
J. Narsoo 22-31
Improvement in Regression Estimator of the Population Mean in Partial Quantitative Randomized Response Models PDF
Nilgün Özgül, Hülya Çıngı 32-40
Matrix Algebra and Invertibility Conditions for Linear Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Models PDF
M. Cavicchioli 41-55
Efficient Family of Product-Type Estimators for Mean Estimation in Successive Sampling using Auxiliary Information on Both Occasions PDF
Beevi .T Nazeema, C. Chandran 56-71
Construction of Binary and Ternary Variance Balanced Block Designs PDF
A. Rajarathinam., A. Radhika, S. Mahalakshmi 72-81
Strong uniform consistency rates of conditional hazard estimation in the single functional index model for dependant functional data under random censorship PDF
Amina A. Bouchentouf, Aicha Hamza, Abbes Rabhi 82-101
Exponential Ratio Type Estimator of Population Mean in Presence of Measurement Error and Non-Response PDF
Poonam Singh, Rajesh Singh 102-121
Normalisation functions and the reliability of the estimation of the GEV return level: A comparative study based on CAC 40 index PDF
Mohammadine Belbachir, Guei Cyrille Okou, Labloul Bouchra 122-139