2017, Volume 18, Issue Number: 1

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Table of Contents


Forecasting performance of ARMA models by Correction errors with Genetics Algorithms PDF
R Rahal, Z Chikr El mezouar, A Gheriballah 1-15
Surplus Modeling for Model Wakala of Insurance Takaful PDF
M. El Hachloufi, C. El Msiyah 16-26
A Comparison of Biased Estimation Methods for Predicting Tourism Income of Turkey PDF
E. Polat 27-38
On the Use of Chain –type estimator in Compromised Imputation under two phase sampling PDF
Priyanka Singh, Ajeet Kumar Singh, V. K. Singh 39-51
Local linear nonparametric estimation of the point at high risk PDF
M.K. Attouch, H. Douini 52-65
Two competitor inequality indices in Burr XII distribution PDF
S. Mirzaei, G. R. Mohtashami Borzadaran, M. Amini, H. Jabbari 66-82
On the Convergence of Moving Average Processes for Dependent Random Variables PDF
Badreddine AZZOUZI, Samir BENAISSA 83-90
Uniform Distribution With Fuzzy Parameter PDF
S. Sampath, L. Pephine Renitta 91-107