2016, Volume 17, Issue Number: 2

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Table of Contents


Multiscale Characterization of Volatility of Main Stock Indexes PDF
Thelma Sáfadi, Brani Vidakovic 1-19
A Class of Exponential Dual to Ratio cum Dual to Product Estimator for Finite Population Mean in Presence of Non-Response PDF
Yater Tato, B. K. Singh, W. W. Chanu 20-31
Forecasting with ARIMA model on External trade of ALgeria PDF
Abderrahmane Belguerna 32-43
Applying Frailty Models to Analyze The Duration of Unemployment in Turkey PDF
N. Ata Tutkun, D. Karasoy 44-57
Hadi’s Influence Measure and Identification of Regression Clusters Based on Potential Outliers PDF
G.S. David Sam Jayakumar, A. Sulthan 59-72
Stability criteria and fluctuations for a business cycle model PDF
Mohamed El Fatini, Abdelilah Kaddar, Aziz Laaribi 73-84
Environmental, Social and Economic Factors of Development Axes in terms of Spatial Planning: An Analysis of Thrace Region in Turkey PDF
Enver Erdinc Dincsoy 85-96
Use of Generalized distributions in Estimating Process Capability for Non-Normal data PDF
Nandini Das, Arunima Pandey 97-112
The Impact of Foreign Aid on FDI in MENA Countries: Evidence from Dynamic Panel PDF
S. Jaouadi 113-119
An Analysis on the Entrepreneurship Strategy of European Union PDF
Ebru DOĞAN 120-131