Autumn 2009, Volume 3, Number A09

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Table of Contents


A Copula Approach to Analyzing the Dependence Structure of European Stock Markets PDF
Burcu Ucer, Evrim Turgutlu 1-12
Improvement in Estimating the Population Mean Using Exponential Estimator in Simple Random Sampling PDF
Rajesh Singh, Pankaj Chauhan, Nirmala Sawan, Florentin Smarandache 13-18
On Efficient Variance Estimators for Normal Population with known Coefficient of Variation PDF
Ashok Sahai, Robin Antoine, Winston A. Richards, M. Raghunadh Acharya 19-24
Analyzing of Consumption Expenditures of Household by Clustering Techniques in Data Mining PDF
Yasemin Koldere Akin 25-31
Inflation and Food Production: Strategies to Ensure Sustainable Food Security in India PDF
Benny George 32-43
Some Hypothesis Tests under Multivariate Multiple Linear Model PDF
Nesrin Guler, Halim Ozdemir, Murat Sarduvan 44-49
Control Charts in Biomedical Data PDF
C. Koukouvinos, E. Lygkoni, K. Mylona, A. Skountzou 50-61
Two Strategies for Removing Multicollinearity PDF
M. I. Alheety, S.D. Gore 62-79
Parameters Estimation for the Generalized Exponential Distribution under Partially Accelerated Life Tests with Censoring PDF
Ali A. Ismail 80-88
An Ordered Difference Statistics for Mixed Impulse Noise Pixels Detection PDF
P.S. Periasamy, K. Duraiswami, S. Athinarayan 89-98