2018, Volume 18, Issue Number 3

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Table of Contents


Visual Detection for Robotic Person Following in Environments with Significant Light Variations PDF
M. Tarokh, M. Pasamonik 1-13
An Improved Directional Intra Prediction Method Based on Sparse Approximation for Image Compression PDF
Arabinda Sahoo, Pranati Das, Gagan Rath 14-29
Implementation and Optimization of Full Search Motion Estimation Algorithm on CUDA PDF
F. E. Sayadi, M. Chouchene, H. Bahri, R. Khemiri, M. Atri 30-40
Nonlinear Adaptive and Stochastic Optimization Using Intensity Based Metric for Automatic Satellite Image Registration Problem PDF
S. Manthira Moorthi, R. Sivakumar 41-53
Usage of Android Operating System for Mobile Robot Navigation with Optical Flow Algorithm and Significant Points 3D Position Estimation PDF
Peter Pásztó, Marian KĬŭčik, Luboš Chovanec, František Duchoň, Peter Hubinský 54-64
An Approach for Spread Spectrum based Data Embedding and Retrieving using Optimization Technique in Medical Image PDF
G. Saranya, S. Nirmala Devi 65-75
An FPGA Based Efficient Surveillance System: A Split Processing Approach PDF
Aakash Saini, Mamta Mittal, Ayush Sharma, Shweta Singh 76-86
Performance comparison of FPGA, GPU and CPU for an anisotropic diffusion filter PDF
Amira Hadj Fredj, Jihene Malek 87-98
Deep Neural Networks for Otolith Identification PDF
Y. El Habouz, M. Iggane, Y. Es-Saady, M. El Yassa, M. Manchih 99-110