2016, Volume 16, Issue Number 4

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Table of Contents


A Preprocessing Scheme for Fluorescence Microscopy Image Segmentation PDF
Ryan Naidoo, Jules-Raymond Tapamo 1-23
A new optimal approach using NSVC for Breast Cancer Diagnosis Classification PDF
M. Ngadi, A. Amine, H. Hachimi, A. El-Attar 24-36
Detection of Quantitative Faults in Pencil Packet by Analyzing its Capacitance PDF
K V Santhosh, Bhagya R Navada 37-48
Improving emotion recognition using spectral and prosodic features PDF
Imen Trabelsi, Med salim bouhlel 49-61
Breast cancer mammography diagnosis approach using dual tree complex wavelet transform and artificial neural networks PDF
A. Addioui, F. Benabbou, S. El Filali, M. El Aroussi 62-68
Image Compression Method Using Subband Eigenvectors Decomposition PDF
E.G. Zhilyakov, I.S. Konstantinov, A.A. Chernomorets, E.V. Bolgova 69-80
Automatic Analysis of partially occluded Facial Expressions PDF
A. Punitha, M.Kalaiselvi Geetha 81-99
Simple and efficient approach for shadow removal from a single-image PDF
Siham Aqel, My Abdelouahed Sabri, Abdellah Aarab 100-106
Relative Object Tracking using Background Features PDF
Vikas Upadhyaya, Deependra Sharma 107-124
Attraction Betterment by Rule of Thirds for Nature Scene Picture PDF
Dao Nam Anh 125-136
Real-time Solar Panel Indexation and Monitoring using Digital Video Watermarking with an Embedding System PDF
S. Lafkih, Y. Zaz 137-146