2023, Volume 21, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Part A: Regular Issue

Identify Covid-19 (Corona Virus Disease 20219) with Chest X-Ray Photos Using Artificial Neural Network PDF
Darwan, B. S. Negara 1-20
Machine vision algorithm for fabric inspection PDF
V. Asha 15-35

Part B: Special Issue

Editorial: Special Issue on Mathematical Optimization Theory and Operations Research PDF
Tatiana Gruzdava, Yury Kochetov, Denis Sidorov 36-38
Fast Evaluation of the Quality of Wireless Systems using Machine Learning Algorithms PDF
Evgeny Bobrov, Sviatoslav Panchenko, Hao Lu 39-60
Decomposing Hard SAT Instances with Metaheuristic Optimization PDF
Daniil Chivilikhin, Artem Pavlenko, Alexander Semenov 61-92
On the Robust Capacitated Facility Location and Design Problem with Elastic Demand PDF
Tatyana V. Levanova, Alexander Y. Gnusarev, Ekaterina A. Rubtsov 93-108
Speed Scaling Scheduling of Multiprocessor Jobs with Energy Constraint and Total Completion Time Criterion PDF
Alexander V. Kononov, Yulia V. Zakharova 109-129
Local search heuristics for the identical parallel machine scheduling with transport robots PDF
Alexander Yuskov, Yury Kochetov 130-149