2019 Spring (March), Volume 17, Number 1

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Table of Contents


Selective Sorting and Smart Nogood-Based Complex Distributed Constraint Satisfaction Problems PDF
Ghizlane El Khattabi, Imade Benelallam, El Houssine Bouyakhf 1-33
Big Data and Probably Approximately Correct Learning In The Presence of Noise: Implications For Financial Risk Management PDF
Venkata L. R. Chinthalapati, Sovan Mitra, Antoaneta Serguieva 34-56
Island-based Cuckoo Search with Highly Disruptive Polynomial Mutation PDF
Bilal H. Abed-alguni 57-82
Monitoring the Relative Positions of Cars in a Two-Dimensional Space PDF
Khalil Challita, Hikmat Farhat 83-101
Multi-Robot Task Allocation with Energetic, Spatial and Temporal Constraints PDF
Farouq Zitouni, Ramdane Maamri, Abdelhafid Zitouni 102-138
Determining Multi-layer Perceptron Structure Using Clustering Techniques PDF
Mohamed Lafif Tej, Stefan Holban 139-166
Round-Trip Training Approach for Bilingually Low-Resource Statistical Machine Translation Systems PDF
Benyamin Ahmadnia, Gholamreza Haffari, Javier Serrano 167-185
Classification Using Naive Bayes to Predict Radiation Protection in Cancer Drug Discovery: a Case of Mixture Based Grouped Data PDF
Heri Kuswanto, Rizky Mubarok, Hayato Ohwada 186-203