2018 Spring (March), Volume 16, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Part A: Regular Issue

Hidden Markov Model Approach for the Assessment of Tele-Rehabilitation Exercises PDF
Jan Kleine Deters, Yves Rybarczyk 1-19
Surrogate Model based Optimization of Traffic Lights Cycles and Green Period Ratios using Microscopic Simulation and Fuzzy Rule Interpolation PDF
Rafael Pedro Alvarez Gil, Zsolt Csaba Johanyák, Tamás Kovács 20-40
Improving the Lifetime of Clustering-Based Wireless Sensor Networks by Considering the Conditional Dependencies in Inter-Cluster Routing PDF
Ali Bohlooli 41-59
Intelligent Test Bed Tuning for Improved Wireless Local Area Network Service Quality in Academic Environments PDF
Moses E. Ekpenyong, Udoinyang G. Inyang, Daniel E. Asuquo, Uyinomen O. Ekong, Patience U. Usip, Uduak A. Umoh, Aniekpeno M. Jackson, Joseph Isobona, Akan Tom 60-87
Accelerated Cuckoo Optimization Algorithm for Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem in Competitive Conditions PDF
Alireza Goli, Adel Aazami, Armin Jabbarzadeh 88-112

Part B: Special Issue-1

Special Issue on Methods of Optimization and their Applications [ Guest Editors-in-Chief: Antonio Sforza, Denis Sidorov; Igor Vasiliev]
Editorial for Special Issue on Methods of Optimization and their Applications PDF
Antonio Sforza, Denis Sidorov, Igor Vasiliev 113-115
A Graph Clustering Based Decomposition Approach for Large Scale p-Median Problems PDF
Adriano Masone, Antonio Sforza, Claudio Sterle, Igor Vasiliev 116-129
Local Search Approach for the Competitive Facility Location Problem in Mobile Networks PDF
Ivan Davydov, Yury Kochetov, Stephan Dempe 130-143
Machine Learning Methodology for Ionosphere Total Electron Content Nowcasting PDF
Aleksei Zhukov, Denis Sidorov, Anna Mylnikova, Yury Yasyukevich 144-157
Multi-commodity Flows Model for the Pacific Russia Inter-regional Trade PDF
Andrey Velichko 158-166
Robust Approach to Detection of Bubbles Based on Images Analysis PDF
Huong T. Nguyen, Long T. Nguyen, Aliona I. Dreglea 167-177

Part C: Special Issue-2

Special Issue on Combinatorial Optimization Methods for Inverse Problems [ Guest Editors-in-Chief: Elias D. Nino-Ruiz, Ivan Saavedra, Yezid Donoso and Xinwei Deng ]
Editorial: Combinatorial Optimization Methods for Inverse Problems PDF
Elias D. Nino-Ruiz, Ivan Saavedra, Yezid Donoso, Xinwei Deng 178-181
Proficient Information Method for Inconsistency Detection in Multiple Data Sources PDF
B. Bazeer Ahamed, T. Ramkumar 182-194
A Robust Application in Vessel Recognition Based on Neural Classification of Acoustic Fingerprint PDF
Eduardo Zurek, Margarita Gamarra, Jose Escorcia, Carlos Gutierrez, Henry Bayona 195-213
ERNEAD: Training of Artificial Neural Networks Based on a Genetic Algorithm and Finite Automata Theory PDF
Jonathan Ruiz-Rangel, Carlos Julio Ardila Hernandez, Luis Maradei Gonzalez, Daladier Jabba Molinares 214-253