2019, Volume 20, Issue Number: 1

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Table of Contents


Complete convergence and Maximal inequalities for product sums of WOD sequences PDF
Ikhlasse Chebbab , Samir Benaissa 1-8
An Improvement in Estimation of Finite Population Mean in the Presence of Random Non-Response PDF
G. N. Singh, M. Usman, A. K. Pandey 9-16
Basic Version of Gnostical Regression - Broader Sight I. PDF
J. Knizek, L. Pavliska, V. Procházka, A. Vrtková, G. P. Samanta, L. Beranek, P. Bouchal, B. Vojtesek, R. Nenutil, M. Kuba 17-31
Fitting Cumulative Logit Models for Ordinal Response Variables in Retail Trends and Predictions PDF
Sarada Ghosh, G. P. Samanta 32-49
Two New Functional Forms of Calibration Constraints PDF
Naila Alam, Muhammad Hanif 50-56
Generalized naïve ratio and product based estimators for estimating population mode in simple random sampling PDF
Sanjay Kumar, Nirmal Tiwari 57-79
The Complete Convergence for the Parameter Estimator of the First-Order Autoregressive Process Created by WOD Errors PDF
Ikhlasse Chebbab , Samir Benaissa 80-87
The Generalized Odd Half-Logistic Family of Distributions with Regression Models PDF
Emrah Altun, Morad Alizadeh, Ahmed Z. Afify, Gamze Ozel 88-110
Construction of Un-Equally Replicated Optimal Pair Wise Balanced Design PDF
A. Rajarathinam, M. Sindu 111-123