2018, Volume 19, Issue Number: 4

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Table of Contents


Recursive kernel estimate of the conditional hazard function for functional ergodic data PDF
H. Kebir, B. Mechab 1-13
Less Restrictive Assumption for Distributional Characterization: A g-and-k Distribution Approach PDF
Azmeri Khan, Sunzida Rahman, Syed Shahadat Hossain 14-26
Comparison of GMM Estimators for Dynamic Panel AR(1) Models: An Application to the Cross-Country Growth Data PDF
B. H. Beyaztas, E. Firuzan, A. Hacioglu 27-41
Ratio Cum Product Type Estimators for Estimation of Population Mean Using Two Auxiliary Variables Under Systematic Sampling PDF
Prabhakar Mishra, Nitesh Kumar Adhichwal, Rajesh Singh 42-52
Dynamics of Inflation in India: Bounds Testing Approach PDF
Haroon Rasool, Md. Tarique 53-70
A note on Asymptotic normality of a copula function in regression model. PDF
Djamila Bennafla, Mohamed Mehdi Hamri, Mustapha Meghnafi, Abbes Rabhi 71-84
Exponential type estimators for ratio and product of two population means using auxiliary character in the presence of non-response PDF
Kamlesh Kumar 85-91
On The Characteristics of the Optimal Solutions to a Stochastic Knapsack Problem with Contagious Distributional Capacity PDF
Nsikan Paul Akpan, Uwaeme Remy Onyebuchi 92-108
Two Types of Prey–Predator Models With Harvesting: Optimal Control and Optimal Harvesting Policy PDF
S. Vijaya, J. Jayamal Singh, E. Rekha 109-126