2014, Volume 15, Issue Number: 3

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Table of Contents


Variance Distributions from Round Robin Series of Zero-Sum Competitions PDF
M. Kevin McGee, Eric W. Kuennen 1-17
Examining Dimensions of Data Validity PDF
Daina Šķiltere, Svetlana Jesiļevska 18-24
Empirical Bayes Test for the Parameter of Power Distribution with Random Index and Missing Data PDF
Li Naiyi, Wang Dehong 25-31
Determinants of U.S. Consumption Expenditures: 1999-2008 PDF
Ying Wu 32-42
A Class of Dual to Ratio-cum-Product Estimators of Population Mean Using Known Correlation Coefficient Between Auxiliary Variates PDF
Gajendra K. Vishwakarma, Manish Kumar, Ravendra Singh 43-50
Bayesian modelling of ultra high-frequency financial data PDF
Golnaz Shahtahmassebi, Rana Moyeed, Paul Hewson 51-63
A Generalized Ratio in Regression Type Estimator for Population Mean Using Auxiliary Variables in the Presence of Non-Response PDF
B.B. Khare, Habib Ur Rehman 64-68
Generalised AIC for the Evaluation of Autoregressive Conditional Duration Models PDF
G. Xie, P. Cowpertwait 69-79
Modeling Technical Efficiency using Truncated Skewed Laplace Distribution PDF
Ngoc Nguyen, Arjun K. Gupta, Junyi Wang 80-99
Improved Ratio and Product Exponential Type Estimators for Finite Population Mean in Two Phase Sampling PDF
Rohini Yadav, Housila P. Singh 100-112