2013, Volume 10, Issue Number: 1

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Table of Contents


Statistical methods to expect extreme values: Application of POT approach to CAC40 return index PDF
A. Zoglat, S. El Adlouni, E. Ezzahid, A. Amar, C. G. Okou, F. Badaoui 1-13
Generalized Models for Estimation of Technical Efficiencies PDF
Ngoc Nguyen, Arjun K. Gupta 14-27
Estimation of Reliability in Multicomponent Stress-Strength Based On Inverse Exponential Distribution PDF
G. Srinivasa Rao 28-37
Economic Policy and the Price of Gasoline PDF
Shuyi Jiang 38-50
Generalized chain type estimators for ratio of two population means using two auxiliary characters in the presence of non-response PDF
B. B. Khare, U. Srivastava, Kamlesh Kumar 51-64
Size and power of cointegration tests with non-normal GARCH error distributions PDF
Chaiwat Kosapattarapim, Yan-Xia Lin, Michael McCrae 65-74
A Family of Estimators of Population Mean Using Information on Point Bi-Serial and Phi Correlation Coefficient PDF
Sachin Malik, Rajesh Singh 75-89
On the Extreme Value Copula Analysis for Financial Data PDF
Burcu Ucer 90-108
Microcredit Scoring with Fuzzy Logic Model PDF
R. Aboulaich, F. I. Khamlichi, M. Kaicer 109-117