Spring 2011, Volume 6, Number S11

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Table of Contents


An Estimation of Reliability: Case of One-Parameter Burr Type X Distribution PDF
Mohammed A. Shayib, Aliakbar Montazer Haghighi 1-19
Residual Analysis of Jackknifed Ridge Type Estimators PDF
Feras Sh. M. Batah 20-27
Estimation of the scale parameter of the Lomax distribution under progressive censoring PDF
A. Asgharzadeh, R. Valiollahi 37-48
The Seasonal KPSS Test with Deterministic Seasonality PDF
S. Khedhiri, G. El Montasser 49-59
Diagonal Systematic Sampling with Two Random Starts PDF
S. Sampath, V. Varalakshmi 60-75
A nonparametric conditional mode estimate under RLT model and strong mixing condition PDF
Elias Ould Said, Abdelkader Tatachak 76-92
Edgeworth Expansion of the t-statistic for Linear Regression Processes with Long-memory Errors PDF
Mosisa Aga 93-101
Constituency Development Fund and Poverty Reduction: A Case Study PDF
E. M. Siringi, G. O. Odhiambo 102-119