Autumn 2008, Volume 2, Number A08

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Table of Contents


Test of the Hypothesis That One Group of Dependences is Consistent with Another Group of Dependences
Jiri Knizek, Jan Sindelar, Zdenek Pulpan, Borivoj Vojtesek, Rudolf Nenutil, Kristyna Brozkova, Viktor Drazan, Martin Hubalek, Ladislav Beranek 2-18
Goodness of Fit Tests for Normality Based on Kernel Entropy Estimators
Ayman Baklizi, Omar Eidous 19-25
Truncation and Unidentifiability: The Single Sample Case
Sunil Sapra 26-29
The Determinants of Poverty in Cape Verde: an Econometric Approach
Maria Fraga O. Martins, Jose Moniz Fernandes 30-38
Completeness and Fixed Points in Probabilistic Quasi-Pseudo-Metric Spaces
Mariusz Grabiec, Yeol Je Cho, Reza Saadati 39-47
Trade Reform, Labour Training and the Skilled Ability: A Theoretical Analysis
Titas Kumar Bandopadhyay 48-56
Twin Deficits Phenomenon: Empirical Evidence from the ARDL Bound Test Approach for Turkey
Ali Acaravci, Ilhan Ozturk 57-64
Estimation of Scale Parameter towards an Interval of Exponential Distribution
Housila P. Singh, Vankim Chander 65-71
Inference using record values from generalized exponential distribution with application
Ammar M. Sarhan, L. Tadj 72-85
Interval Estimation of the Stress-Strength Reliability with Paired Data Based on Empirical Likelihood
Ayman Baklizi 86-93
A Study on the Variance of Estimators in Sampling with Varying Probabilities
R. Muthukrishnan 94-99