Spring 2007, Volume 1, Number S07

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Table of Contents


Nonlinearity and Long Memory Process: A Joint Hypothesis for The Purchasing Power Parity in MENA Countries PDF
M. Benbouziane, A. Benamar 2-19
Probabilistic n-Normed Spaces PDF
Mohd. Rafi Rahmat, Mohd. Salmi Md.Noorani 20-30
Unbiased Estimation for Sensitive Items in Complex Surveys Permitting Direct or Scrambled Response PDF
Sanghamitra Pal 31-40
Nonparametric Spectral Analysis of Continuous Time Series PDF
M. A. Ghazal, A. Elhassanein 41-52
Statistical Analysis of Process Capability Studies PDF
P. Nagesh, M.S. Prabhuswamy 53-72
Simultaneous Estimation of Lognormal Means Under Order Restrictions PDF
Yogesh Mani Tripathi, Somesh Kumar, Tanuja Srivastava 73-86